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Our programmes start at where you are now, and are tailored to your practice. But by using  our well proven tried and tested methods and experience , you can have confidence in a positive outcome.

RTS Training uses existing and custom designed programmes of varying length and engagement, which  allow us to develop a specific training or development series for you, your staff and individuals.  our custom  programmes are an effective way of developing the capabilities required to execute your strategy and implement your vision of the future.

Programmes involve a series of collective learning experiences, designed to shape what your people know, what they do and what they believe, and aimed at delivering significant return on the investment made. 

In partnership with you, we create programmes that deliver to your requirements, use engaging learning methods and experience that suit your objectives, your people, your learning culture and your budget.

For individuals, we offer guidance and support  and also  use  a solution focused approach to personal development, aimed at helping people make very positive and lasting changes in their lives.

People, or 'clients', are encouraged to realise their true potential by following a process that will uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns in their lives.

RTS Training, facilitates this change using tried and tested tools and techniques to empower their clients, in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

We are here  to guide and inspire people  and companies to bring about a clearer understanding of their aspirations, goals and life purpose and to effect the necessary changes in their current and future behaviour to ensure the realisation of those goals and aspirations.

With the motivation, support and caring that RTS Training can provide, most companies and individuals  are capable of achieving far more and leading more fulfilling lives than they would, if left to their own devices - human nature being what it is.


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