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Young People.

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Supporting Potential    

At a time when their bodies are changing and there are pressures from parents, peers, teachers and society.Teenagers need our help, to be there for them, to support them, to help them and to understand them, but at the same time for us to be invisible.

Helping them through this important period in their life is something we can do. We can provide some great tools in order that they can become proactive now and in control of their future, but delivered within a safe confidential and non judgemental place where they can explore their true potential.


Hidden Talents

Some teenagers do have incredible talents, abilities and potential that we can help to nurture. They tend to be emotionally sensitive, intuitive, and knowing. There can also be real creativity in the way they look at things.

We believe that by taking a different approach to teenagers, we can help them to discover their own brilliance. By showing them how to trust their intuition and inner knowing, we can help them discover the magic and potential of a deeper level of personal empowerment.


Helping Teenagers to see their true selves

Low self-esteem is an issue for many teenagers - often caused by being surrounded by negativity and perhaps a feeling that if they can't do anything, why bother trying. We help them look at themselves differently; to see the real person inside - and that assists them in becoming motivated and aspired to achieve.

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RTS Training's mission is to inspire, motivate and improve the life of the individual. Our purpose is to provide the highest level of moral, social, cultural and spiritual development of ALL young people; specifically targeting those aged between 14 and 25 years old, from all social backgrounds and cultures. Our fundamental purpose is to make a positive difference to all.

We offer a forum where young people can consider their options for a successful future, underpinning core goals through creative, motivational and experiential driven workshops. These programmes create an environment to enable individuals to improve their personal and social skills, build self-esteem and confidence, inspiring them to set measurable, achievable and realistic goals.

Sessions are designed to offer additional support on an individual basis through mentoring or group sessions and can be individually tailored to suit the clients’ requirements.

Although our service is available to all sectors, it is of particular interest to the following public sectors: - schools, Youth Justice, Social Services, Youth Service, NEETS, young people in care and those that are currently seeking employment. For those people who are currently in work the programmes are also suitable to enhance their existing skills and prepare them for career advancement.

Essentially the purpose of these programmes is to promote young peoples' LIFE SKILLS, to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences to manage effectively their REAL LIFE ISSUES.

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